"A Tiniest deed is greater than the Greatest Intention"

About Us

Social Action and Value Education Trust (SAVE) established in the year 1997 as a not-for-profit, secular voluntary organization at Guntur, Andhra Pradesh State, India.  It is legally accredited with the Indian Trusts Act, 1926 and also registered under FCRA.


This NGO comprises of a group of social activists development experts committed to the case of socio-economic development of the poor and marginalized section of the society. SAVE’s initial work focused on child sponsorship programme, vocational training, adult education and free health  camps.


Subsequently, upon its expansion, SAVE has been actively undertaking various programmes viz. Social Education & Animation, Disabled Children Sponsorship, women empowerment, child labor, community development, natural calamities, vocational training and to new a few. The prime concern is to address the issue of the acute poverty, illiteracy, resource degradation, ill health, lack of awareness on various aspects of development among the rural communities. The focus is to rehabilitate working children through education, vocational and organize poor women under self-help concept development.



  • To the interest and all round welfare of all the educationally, socially and economically down-trodden people of  India. 
  • To enable the educationally, socially and economically down-trodden people of India, to realize and fulfill their responsibilities themselves in society to the country and to the world. 
  • To undertake various social programmes to improve the status of the poor and assist them gaining empowerment, economic independence and becoming self sufficient; 
  • To provide legal literacy among the rural women  and promote equal rights for women and protection of women against all forms of violence; 
  • To provide humanitarian assistance to areas affected by natural calamities such as cyclones and floods.  
  • To work towards removing gender bias through education and other programmes; 
  • To enable the creation of a just and equitable society and it is committed to the goal of enabling individuals to live a life of dignity and respect.