"A Tiniest deed is greater than the Greatest Intention"

Panchayati Raj Institutions (PRI) Members Training Programme

SAVE helps the women to aware of the political system and generate awareness about the political rights. All of them are taking part in Grama Sabha meetings.

The women are always plays a secondary role in the society. They support the men folk for public participation and increase the man dominates in all spears.


The 73rd and 74th Amendments passed in 1992 brought a 33% reservation for women into the Panchayati Raj system of local governance in India. Through government legislation some of the Panchayat posts have been reserved for women/SC/BC. Therefore, by virtue of reservation a number of dalits have become Panchayat leaders or members. But unfortunately in many cases they are unaware of their power.
SAVE has been organizing Seminar on Duties and Responsibilities of Panchayat Raj representatives at Tadikonda & Guntur Rural Mandals and invited advocates, Social Activists who are the key resource persons informed clearly about the rights, duties and responsibilities of the PRI representatives.



To create awareness on "Duites and Responsibiliites of PRI representatives. The participation of the PRI Members particularly from poor and disadvantaged can promote effective civil action and ability to access and utilized information/ knowledge base.


  • Organise Seminar to the PRI representatives
  • Distribution of awareness material
  • Strengthening of Grama Sabha


  • Gram Panchayats were not able to implement development schemes in the villages because the representatives were not aware of their roles, functions, duties, responsibilities and authority.
  • Illiterates and educated below the level of primary school did not perform well.
  • Lack of or unavailability of adequate information on PRIs.

High Lights

  • After the training programme, several women representatives who would earlier simply affix their signature on the proceedings, have now begun attending panchayat meetings and have become active participants in the various committees of gram panchayat.


  • Panchayat Raj members consientised their powers, duties and rights.
  • Participation of women increased in the panchayat meetings


  • Training should be conducted for all elected representatives, but it should be organized regularly, covering multiple dimensions including rules and regulations, administrative issues and the implementation of development schemes.
  • Effort should be made not only to maintain the representation of women in politics in terms of their percentage, but also their ability to remain in politics.
  • Special emphasis shall be on building leadership amongst marginalized women belonging to the Scheduled Caste / Scheduled Tribe and backward classes.


Capacity Building Of Self Help Groups (SHGs)

SAVE Trust has been striving for the empowerment of the women self help groups. Presently most of them linked with bank and also taking pleasure of inter-loaning within SHGs. The members of SHGs are linked with the Government schemes like Indira Kranthi Patham (IKP), Old age & Widow Pension. Our animators are helping the SHGs to maintain the books of their own. 


The animators are imparting training to the group members at the village level on importance of SHGs in poverty alleviation, significance of meetings, internal lending, loan processing, democratic decision making, record keeping, accessing financial assistance from the local banks etc. 


Apart from the above there are other issues like women’s rights, legal rights, domestic violence, community development and their responsibilities, sustainability of community activities etc are also discussed time to time in the meetings.



Strengthening of Self Help Groups


  • Formation of Self Help Groups (SHGs)
  • Linking with Government Schemes
  • Helps to maintain books & records


  • People were forced to migrate to cities in search of work.
  • Bank linked SHGs require considerable capacity building inputs to ensure prompt repayment and proper utilization of loan amount for productive purposes.

High Lights

  • Alternative sources of income such as dairy farming and tailoring introduced and provided bank linkage.
  • Due to awareness programmes the SHGs have been able to get benefit from various government schemes social security schemes like oldage pensions, cooking gas connections, disabled pensions and NREGA.
  • Women have started participating in Gram Sabha.
  • Significant increase of the number of SHGs in targeted villages.


  • To bring out a booklet on various schemes and programmes offered by various departments and agencies of the government so that grassroots women can benefit from them.
  • Transforming SHGs into income generation groups.
  • To cover all SHGs under Indiramma Housing Programme.
  • Involving SHGs in all programmes will ensure the build-up of local ownership over the development processes and generate local resources which are necessary for sustainability.