"A Tiniest deed is greater than the Greatest Intention"

Skills/Vocational Training Programme

Building job related capabilities is perhaps the most important need of today. Vocational skill training in tailoring, embroidery etc. was being provided to the members of SHGs and their children in the age group of 18 to 40 years to equip unemployed and unskilled women and youth with skills enabling them to become employable in the job market.


The training center provides free training in tailoring skills. On completion of the training, the candidates are referred to nearby garment shops for employment. Those not employed by the garment shops are either encourages starting their own tailoring unit in their respective localities.


SAVE Trust has been working in collaboration with Jana Sikshana Sansthan (JSS) for organizing more vocational training programmes.



To empower not only on economic empowerment but on social, cultural and political development of the beneficiaries


  • To identify need based training progrmame
  • To start skills/vocational training in most deserving area
  • To link up with the Government department for future support


  • Lack of infrastructural support and marketing facilities for their products.
  • Unable to get loans on easy installments to set up their own business establishments under various government schemes.

High Lights

  • Demand for establishing vocational training centers in nearby communities.
  • Beneficiaries had strong self-confidence and self-esteem


  • Every year about 60 unemployed girls/women benefited through vocational training


  • To start vocational training programme for rural and slum women by giving them infrastructural support and marketing facilities for their products.


Free Medical Camps

The statement that “Health is Wealth” is a very true to its meaning, as one cannot do anything if he or she does not have good health. So, it is important that each person must know the causes, effects and remedy related to their individuals’ health issues. One person’s carelessness or ignorance of good health care can effect other person living with him or around him.


The Free Medical camps are being a running success and with about 20 Volunteers comprising of educated people and skilled nurses and pharmacists have been rendering services for good cause. Women are also advised by the Doctors and Social Workers about Hygiene and Sanitation and special care and nutrition for infants, children and sick members of their families.



The identified strengths of the programme are the dedicated team of SAVE Trust, which implemented the project by overcoming all the obstacles that came on the way and run the programme successfully.


There has been regular involvement of district health and medical department in the programme. During health camps, medicines are received from Germany Medical Agency this helps in encouraging participation of other stakeholders as well.